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Poe Leos - 241 [Official Video]

R&B artist Poe Leos releases new visual for her single “241”.

Singer/songwriter Poe Loes is applying pressure! Debuting on our pages with her latest r&b banger titled "241". Singing on the hook, “Never listen to all of my friends they say, that I’m really blind to the games you play” this is definitely a track that many can relate to. The overall production of the song is great, including the visual. The beat is fast and fun yet Poe uses it to vent about something that is ultimately a serious issue. Giving this track a unique sound and a way for people to turn up instead of feeling sad about a situation.

Check it out below!

Social Media:

Instagram: Poe Leos

Twitter: Poe Leos

Tik Tok: Poe Leos

Por Leos - 241


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