February 13, 2019

Amina Ali shares her art and a little about her journey as an artist

We recently came across visual artist Amina Ali and were enchanted by her boundless impressions. Amina’s striking realism combined with her surreal use of color, invoke a more dynamic and prominent emotional response. Incorporating a variety of art movements into her work, Amina Ali has and continues to develop her own methods.


Like many great artists...

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September 21, 2019

Lehigh Valley's Tristan Brodsky discuses his new photo book on mental illness.

610 based freelance photographer Tristan Brodsky continues to grow as a creative over the years. Check out our update below on his new book, influences, and plans for next year!

People strive...

May 2, 2019

Designer Breanna Knights is nurturing self-expression through her one of a kind custom apparel

Upcoming designer Breanna Knights stays busy with her many entrepreneurial pursuits. Having recently graduated with her bachelors in fashion design and merchandising, she's no...

April 5, 2019

Photographer Noah Villamar's vibrant portraits

We recently came across young photographer Noah Villamar and fell in love with his whimsical edits and professional quality. He shared with us the interesting story of how he stumbled into photgraphy, and how it's changed h...

April 2, 2019

Nicole Sincavage shares her minimalist take on photography 

Lehigh Valley photographer Nicole Sincavage, or Nikki Sink, caught our eye with her effortless portraits and absorbing landscapes. Utilizing as little editing as possible, Nikki captures vibrant, yet subtl...

February 18, 2019

Creative Asia Pham empowers women through her one of a kind clothing

 photos by: dom_khund8anna 

Originally from Lancaster, PA, Asia Pham never intended to start a business out of her casual hobby, but eventually did, and has been doing well ever since. Originall...

August 12, 2018

19 year old DMV visual artist Marley explains the motivations techniques behind her work


Marley, a 19 year old visual artist raised in the DMV, has had an eye for art since a young age. “I’ve always liked art, when I was younger my dad would teach me how to dr...

August 3, 2018

19 year old visual artist Tiara Kinnebrew sheds light on her creative process and inspirations 

19 year old visual artist Tiara Kinnebrew’s has perfected the art of channeling emotions into her work. The incredibly detailed pieces are perfectly layered to reach an aesth...

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January 11, 2020

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September 22, 2019

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