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Odeal - PDF/ BE FREE

Odeal drops two new hits "PDF" & "BE FREE" (prod. Tudor Monroe)

Odeal recently popped on our radar with single "Kainji Dam", and we've been smitten ever since. With hits like "Coffee" and "Na You" along with projects including OVMBR: Hits No Mrs and OVMBR: Roses it's impossible to not fall in love with his music. It isn't often we come across an artist with no skippable tracks and recent drop "PDF" and "BE FREE" are no exception.

Both singles emanate an introspective vibe, especially on "PDF". Producer Tudor Monroe reels us in with ethereal synths and understated percussion, which eventually lead into a simple yet emotionally rich guitar progression, pulling everything together elegantly. Odeal fills the track with a beautifully catchy melody, all while painting the picture of a dying relationship on it's last legs, sharing the conflicting thoughts and feelings that come with contemplating a break up.

"BE FREE" has similar feel initially, coming on with a pensive guitar loop that quickly transforms into a care free energy as Odeal lightens the mood with a playful vocal riff. Pulling away from the topic of complicated/ toxic relationships, this tracks has more to do with going with the flow and enjoying your life. "BE FREE" captures the feeling of a new found freedom, tying the two tracks together conceptually.

Odeal has mastered his sound, works with talented producers and is a talented producer himself. We can't recommend his music enough, and look forward to his future endeavors!

Check out the tracks below!

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Odeal - PDF/ BE FREE


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