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NoelXTL - Late Night Cruisin

NoelXTL leads us on a musical journey with his new track 'Late Night Cruisin'

"Late Night Cruisin" by NoelXTL is a standout track from his most recent album, "Cruise Control." The song invites listeners on a musical journey characterized by dreamy keys and a head-bopping rhythm, effectively evoking a sense of nostalgia. As the artist reflects on his path, he conveys a message that transcends the pursuit of clout, emphasizing a higher purpose. With lines like, "I'm on another level, yeah, I'm on another mission - they keep posting shit up for attention," NoelXTL showcases a commitment to his craft that goes beyond seeking mere recognition. While some parts of the song may be a bit challenging to decipher, the infectious melodies he delivers ensure that "Late Night Cruisin" leaves a lasting impression.

This track is a must-listen for anyone looking to experience a unique musical journey.

Social Media: IG: @ImnoelXTL

SoundCloud: NoelXTL

NoelXTL - Late Night Cruisin


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