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IND3R - Never Fall (feat. Q Billi)

IND3R collaborates with Q Billi to create a blend of Punjabi melodies and western culture for his new single "Never Fall".

"Never Fall" by IND3R featuring Q Billi is a tribute to their new profound success. The track resonates with the artists' determination to elevate their life and refuse to settle for mediocrity. IND3R's smooth Punjabi-inspired melodies on the hook, combined with Q Billi's vivid lyrical references to his rags to riches journey, create an ambiance of fortune and ambition.

What sets "Never Fall" apart is its fusion of cultural influences, which gives the song a unique and captivating feel. The beat, uses by powerful horns and a hard-hitting bass to perfectly complement the lyrical theme of triumph. Despite its brevity, with a runtime of just under 2 minutes, the track leaves you craving for more. Notably, "Never Fall" marks Q Billi's first and last feature of the year, adding an extra layer of significance to this dynamic collaboration.

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IND3R - Never Fall (feat. Q Billi)



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