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Photographer Tristan Brodsky uses his art to make a change.

Lehigh Valley's Tristan Brodsky discuses his new photo book on mental illness.

610 based freelance photographer Tristan Brodsky continues to grow as a creative over the years. Check out our update below on his new book, influences, and plans for next year!


"It’s something that I feel needs to be more openly discussed especially among men. Myself and many of my loved ones struggle from many different forms of mental illness. I’ve always wanted to use my art to make a change as well as make a photo book. Once I realized I could do both all for a cause I really support I just ran with it.”

"For those who are struggling I suggest finding a group of people you can rely on or even just one person. Find someone who listens to you and helps you feel comfort in those dark times. Surrounding myself with the right people has always made a huge difference. Sometimes on those dark days you don’t want to leave the house but going out with a friend for a few hours will help get your mind off everything. Also, find a hobby that helps you take your mind away. Occupying your time in the right ways does wonders for your mental state."

Do you have any specific figures that influenced the creation of the book?

“I was inspired by a few different individuals because of the way they showcase their own art. Gregory Berg, Sebastian Rodriguez, Vuhlandes, and Boogie. All of those guys are so talented and the way they document their subjects has really shaped the way I do my own photography. I believe if you’re going to make art it should have meaning behind it and all of them are great at showing that."

How long did it take you to create the look book? Did you have a clear vision of what you wanted from the start or did you just let time and experiences fill it in? How did you come up with the ideas for the scenes? Any Challenges?

“It took me a little over a year. I knew from the start what the overall theme of the book would be but at first I didn’t have any concepts lined up. Sometimes I would think of a specific feeling and think how can I portray that in a photo. Other times ideas would just come to me out of the blue and I’d write them down."

You have a release party coming up next month on October 4th; are you excited? Tell us more about it.?

"Of course I’m excited! I wanted to have an event to celebrate the book with friends, family, and everyone involved. I’ll be showing some of the photos from the book and the book itself will be available for purchase. I’m also having 3 of my favorite local artists perform (Lapse, Matt., Willsteezalot) as well as a DJ (Most Some). I’ll be raffling off two customized aluminum prints and donating the proceeds to Kids Peace. All of this will be taking place at 2ndBase Vintage thanks to Andy and his team.”

Any plans/goals for 2020?

"I’d like to plan another event showcasing some local musicians and artists. Maybe another book or magazine in the future but no specific plans yet. I’d love to go photograph another tour so if there’s any musicians reading I’m open for hire lol. Ultimately I just want to keep doing my part to keep the culture alive and progressing in the Lehigh Valley.”


Check out more of his work and follow below!

Twitter: @_tbrod

Instagram: _tbrod

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