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The Social Tour Day 2.0 Recap

Another successful night in the Lehigh Valley at the Revel Lounge.

Over this past weekend on Saturday, August 31st, 2019, local creatives joined together for The Social Tour Day 2.0, a phenomenal networking event hosted by Brandon Avery and Gallery95 Podcast at the Revel Lounge, located in Bethlehem, PA. We had the pleasure of seeing artists such as: Perry Mason, Monae Mallory, willsteezalot, DJ Langis Wolf, Alyssa Rosario and many more. All performers had their own unique style and the audience stood completely supportive.

Entering the venue, we were greeted by a welcoming atmosphere and given name tags to write not only our names but our creative field, making for a smooth networking experience. After settling in, the event kicked off with an open mic featuring artists who had the pleasure of warming up the crowd.

The Gallery95 Podcast concluded the open mic and introduced first performer Perry Mason, a comedian with a sociable demeanor & interactive set. Providing a humorous take on the bloods and crips as well as limiting drug addicts purchases based on their credit score. Summing up his set he hit us a few controversial one liners including, "What do gay men have for breakfast? Eggs then-a-dick." hinting at the well known breakfast choice eggs benedict.

Following Perry was passionate poet, and entrepreneur Monae Mallory. Giving us her personal perspective & experience with the objectification of women in relationships. Concluding her piece with a beautifully haunting rendition of Dawn Penn's "You Don't Love Me".

Disc jockey Langis Wolf then stepped down from the booth and hit us with an explosive performance. Filled with original EDM & dubstep sounds; Langis truly brought his own unique style to the show, seeing that a majority of the music throughout the night was rap and r&b.

Up next, artist willsteezalot took no time to introduce himself. Diving straight into his music and differentiating himself from the other guests. He performed unreleased music, giving us a glimpse of his upcoming EP titled Moet Summers.

As the night moved forward, it was now time for the main experience of the Social Tour's event. Host and founder Brandon Avery grabbed the crowds attention and put on a social experiment similar to what you may recognize as an episode of Shark Tank. Guiding 3 teams to come up with a product or service to impress the Sharks, who happened to be the special guests of the night. The winner of the three teams came up with multi-functioning gadget named Revellion, equipped with a USB port, roller and more. The participants clearly enjoyed themselves, and it was just as much fun observing the friendly competition.

After the Tour's signature social exercise, singer Alyssa Rosario enchanted us with her own spin on multiple covers from songs such as "You Know I'm No Good" by Amy Winehouse, "Earfquake" by Tyler, The Creator, and "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley.

Before concluding the event, a panel of special guests and attendees gathered up front, answering questions about the life of a creative and eventually opening the floor for others to chime in. The questions ranged from goals for the future to how to deal with imitators. Everyone got a chance to add their two cents if they wanted,and it was an overall eye opening experience.

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Pictures were being taken all around as the night wrapped up, capturing the final moments and soon-to-be memories of the unforgettable affair. It's exciting to see the Valley coming together for the sake of the creative culture, connecting with and building each other up along the way. Overall, it was a successful show that provided local talent with a friendly environment to express themselves and display their work while inspiring others.

We encourage you to check out the event provided by Space Network Media (linked here).

Shout out to The Social Tour for the wonderful experience!





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