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Sneeze - Blu. (Music Video)

Sneeze releases a new visual for "Blu." produced by Flowers In Narnia.

Artist Sneeze debuts on our pages with a recently released visual for his new single "Blu." Expressing his feelings about a girl he's into, the production (by flyingroach) provides a soft, nostalgic sound that enables Sneeze to float over with his sincere bars & swift deliveries. Shot by absolutephotographs, the video is laidback & natural; using the everyday life of Sneeze to portray the vision. The three creatives truly brought their own unique style to the table while still complimenting each other, making this a quality piece of art. Sneeze is a talented lyricist and deserves to the interest of checking out the rest of his catalog. We're excited for what he has planned next.

Watch the video below!

Social Media: sneezeblessesyou

Sneeze - Blu. (Music Video)


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