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Nick Gray - No Bad Songs (Prod. Juanito Jones)

Boston artist Nick Gray releases new single titled "No Bad Songs".

Making his debut on our pages, Nick Gray is here with a sincere banger; expressing his feelings about a love relationship he's had. With his catchy delivery and honest bars, this track is bound to bring back some memories that you may have forgotten about your past relationships. Rapping on the hook "When we together ain't no bad songs" who can't relate to a time when they had a deep connection with someone. Produced by Juanito Jones, the beat is a straight heat; mixing an emotional sample with fast pace hi hats and hard hitting kicks to get your head moving. We're excited to have come across Nick Gray and can't wait to hear what else he has in store.

Nick Gray also has more recent track you can check out here if you're feeling this one.

Check it out below!

Artwork by Ryan Schaefer (@rhschaefer)

Nick Gray - No Bad Songs


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