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Bobby Basil - She Don't Know The Cost

UK artist Bobby Basil is back with mesmerizing visual for "She Don't Know The Cost"

Upcoming artist Bobby Basil is back on our pages with another captivating visual, this time for single "She Don't Know The Cost".

The track itself has an overall dark sound, fluctuating between soft synths and heavy percussion with a more distorted effect. The instrumental provides a great foundation for Bobby's melodic vocals & melancholic lyrics.He goes on to describe a situation with a naive girl living a lifestyle that may be detrimental to her while offering her a way out.

The video captures the song's essence perfectly, with it's clean quality, abundantly blue hues and isolating shots.

This is another home run for Bobby, and we very much look forward to keeping up with his upcoming releases!

Check out the video below!

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Bobby Basil: bobbybasilx_

Produced by conorpatrickbyrne

Cinematography by Tom Simington

Production Design by bekahbustos_rsquared

Directed & Edited by Seán Maher

Bobby Basil - She Don't Know The Cost


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