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NoelXTL. drops nostalgic EP titled DREAMS

Lehigh Valley's very own NoelXTL. has returned to our pages with a heartfelt EP titled DREAMS. Unique in every way, this EP is complete vibe. From track likes "THE WANDERER", "BATMAN", and "ANTHEM", Noel is pushing the creative envelope. Throughout the project, NoelXTL delivers gentle vocals to express his inner thoughts on life's confusion. The trance like production on the project sets the mood perfectly for each track using soft sounds and heavy bass with the exception for songs such as "THE WANDERER" and "3.". Noel is truly in his own lane, we can't wait to see how is sound progresses over time.

"I wanted to put the listener through a short but heartfelt psychedelic trip to show my vivid dreams of the harsh reality of life. This Project is still only the beginning of my legacy and I have no idea what’s to come next. I guess we’ll have to wait and see..." - Noel

Our favorite tracks were "THE WANDERER", "BATMAN", "ANTHEM" & "3."

Check out the project below!

Social Media: iamn0el (Instagram)



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