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Leo IV - Leo's Regret

Canadian native Leo IV lets it all out on his recent single "Leo's Regret".

Making his way back in our sights, Leo IV is here with a new alternative rock inspired single "Leo's Regret". Released about 3 months ago, the track is excelling at a pretty fair pace, reaching 2,000 plays and numerous likes on the streaming platform Soundcloud. Throughout the track, Leo expresses his sincerity by spilling his inner thoughts about the trials and tribulations of his love life over a nostalgic instrumental. Singing "I've been - I've been, searching for a princess, my wish, staring at the stars", it's a no brainer that many people will be able to relate to his perspective; maybe that's why it's a good track. Leo also has more recent music you can check out here if you're feeling this one.

Check it out below!

Leo IV - Leo's Regret


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