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Scotty - Rack Up ft. Kalan.FrFr

Midwest rapper Scotty releases his newest single titled "Rack Up" featuring Kalan.FrFr.

Hailing from Joilet, IL and the newest signee to his label OG Music Group, rapper Scotty debuts on our pages with his recent single "Rack Up" featuring KalanFrFr. In the track, both artists rap about their cinematic lifestyle and journey over a soulful trap beat, giving you no choice but to feel where they're coming from. Inspired by Quincy Jones & Teddy Riley, Scotty gives us a sound that can be defined as Gospel roots mixed with modern day Trap. Be on the lookout for his upcoming album, Never Gone Leave, which depicts his story of his journey in LA.

Check out the track below!

Scotty - Rack Up ft. Kalan.FrFr


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