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willsteezalot - what can i say ft. $cott $ummerz

Valley artist willsteezalot vents on his recent single "what can i say" featuring $cott $ummerz.

If you're discussing artists who are making noise in the Lehigh Valley, you'd have to include willsteezealot and his camp. Gradually making a name for himself by giving genuine energy, dropping quality tracks, and great performances; willsteezealot is on a roll. Released not too long, his track "what can i say" featuring $cott $ummers is an unapologetic anthem. Rapping about the push and pulls of the ambitious lifestyle needed to grow, this song can be felt by anyone trying to balance their dream and their personal life. Produced by Ethancx, the beat manages to give off a light hearted feeling with it's soft piano which helps keep the message sincere. We look forward to keeping track of his artistic journey.

Check out the track below!

willsteezalot - what can i say ft. $cott $ummerz


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