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Yang. - I[N].

Upcoming producer Yang. drops experimental beat EP I[N].

I absolutely love a well produced instrumental tape that can capture an atmosphere, and rising producer Yang. really hit the nail on the head with recent spiritually inspired EP I[N].

Setting the tone right off the rip, Yang. eases us into his smoothly funky style with some twangy synths, plucky melody & worldly percussion on first track "Jhanas". Second track "CLRS.", revolves around a skit dealing with with the metaphysical & emotional aspects of music, and how its intuitive nature makes it difficult to communicate through language. Accompanied by a simplistic instrumental, it has an ambiguous, experimental feel, and easily understood message.

"From the heart // Torus Tours" (High ass Improv), is broken into two sections. The first being a simple chord progression & melody leading into a silky bass line with some jazzy drums. The second, a variation of the first, increasing in tempo & lightheartedness.

Ending on an upbeat note, Yang. once again worked his magic to create a jazzy track. This one builds up beautifully, starting with a catchy organ-ish sounding riff that leads into an unexpected rhythm & melody.

Yang. has easily become one of my favorite producers at the moment, and I highly encourage you to check out the rest of his cataloge!

Our favorite tracks were "Mudras" & "Jhanas"

Stream the project below!

Social Media: @Yangbeets yangbeets

Soundcloud: Yang.

Yang. - I[N].


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