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Mark Steele - "Chip" (Official Video)

Mark Steele Shares Official Music Video For 'Chip,' From ESPN's 'First Take'

North Carolina emcee Mark Steele is back on our pages with this his new single "Chip". The brand new motivational anthem for the underdogs, featured on ESPN First Take. If you're a grinding artist or even a hardworking entrepreneur, you're bound to feel where he's coming from in this track. Detailing the trials and tribulations he's been through while chasing his dreams, the visual keeps you interested by giving you a glimpse of his progress overtime through floating pictures. With production by Truss One, the beat has a beautiful way of capturing your empathy with its melancholy keys and hypnotic rhythm. "Chip" will definitely go down as a hiphop classic in our books.

"This is for us. The underdogs, the highly doubted, the commonly slept on. A jam to bang out to while we relentlessly shatter the expectation they set for us. Never forgetting when it was low, and a constant reminder that now it's up. " - Mark Steele

Check out video below!

Mark Steele - "Chip" (Official Video)


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