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610king - eXes & hOes (Xs & Os)

610king releases "eXes & hOes" (Xs & Os) from EP no love 2

Artist, producer and songwriter 610king recently blessed us with a bittersweet serenade titled "eXes & hOes" (Xs & Os). The description gives us a little insight the situation behind the song. In his words, it's a, "reflection on a relationship that I was let down and done wrong in, and trying to get back to being careless. But (at the same time) not being able due to actually wanting something real." He explained, "The second verse I go back to referring to the relationship from the first verse. Venting how I felt and how shit was."

Check it out below!

Social Media: 610.king

Soundcloud: 610king

610king - eXes & hOes (Xs & Os)


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