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Visual artist lordéa creates metaphysical masterpieces

Lordéa, the mind behind the otherworldly visions

Lordéa has created a style that’s not quite yet been seen before. Using a variety of vibrant & earthy hues, she depicts mostly human like beings in an avant garde fashion. Though ambiguous, each piece evokes a definite feeling, what that feeling is, of course, is up for interpretation.

Dimensional in every way, her captions give a glimpse at the intellectual concepts behind her visions, and are always eloquently worded. We had the good fortune of learning a little about how she got started, and what inspires her to make these psychedelic pieces.


“I was born in Illinois and grew up in Wisconsin, Tennessee and eventually Georgia, where I developed the most as an artist.”

“My teachers from middle school to college helped me understand how art can be useful to my community. And I'm still learning.”

“Currently, I'm the creative coordinator of Love box Collection.” (an Atlanta based platform for independent artists.)


“I began in middle school when my teachers placed my art in contests. My family and their friends contributed by donating art supplies for the sake of my growth. The reason I started and am still going is due to everyone's belief in my ability and my desires to bring everyone closer.”


“I'm inspired by body language, human interaction and connections.Self-recreation or vulnerability are usually the undertones of my inspirations.”

“I appreciate a sense of urgency in the music, art or environments I'm surrounded with.”


She describes her style as, “Organic, riveting, and questioning. My style consists mostly of organic forms. I tend to recreate the forms in my work so as to acknowledge or question the ways said form is used.”


We’re blown away by Lordéa’s sheer talent, and are excited to keep up with this young flourishing artist!

Check out more of their art and follow below!

Instagram: _lordea_


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