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Visual artist lordéa creates metaphysical masterpieces

Lordéa, the mind behind the otherworldly visions

Lordéa has created a style that’s not quite yet been seen before. Using a variety of vibrant & earthy hues, she depicts mostly human like beings in an avant garde fashion. Though ambiguous, each piece evokes a definite feeling, what that feeling is, of course, is up for interpretation.

Dimensional in every way, her captions give a glimpse at the intellectual concepts behind her visions, and are always eloquently worded. We had the good fortune of learning a little about how she got started, and what inspires her to make these psychedelic pieces.


“I was born in Illinois and grew up in Wisconsin, Tennessee and eventually Georgia, where I developed the most as an artist.”

“My teachers from middle school to college helped me understand how art can be useful to my community. And I'm still learning.”