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Litty Vuitton - Butterfly Effect (prod. Guala)

Litty Vuitton drops cybertrap anthem "Butterfly Effect" (prod. Guala)

We recently discovered artist Litty Vuitton's self proclaimed cybertrap catalouge, and quickly fell in love with her vaporwave-like aesthetic, & celestial voice.

Fresh off the press single "Butterfly Effect" caught our ear right off the rip. Produced by GualaBeatz, the instrumental comes on with an etheric synth chord progression leading into light percussion and eventually Litty's memorably delivered hook. With some understated glitchy effects & subtle auto tune, the song captures an alluring futuristic love song vibe, that'll have you pressing replay.

She's definitely got a hit on her hands with this one, and we look forward to her future releases!

Check it out below!

Soundcloud: Litty Vuitton

Litty Vuitton - Butterfly Effect (prod. Guala)


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