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king.cazh - $outhside Love Letter <3

king.cazh is making waves with recent album $outhside Love Letter <3

Chicago artist king.cazh recently dropped a catchy 12 track project titled $outhside Love Letter <3, and it's a whole bop. Starting out with a lighter feel on the intro, the album quickly progresses into a roller coaster of emotions, revealing a different side of himself.

One thing that sticks out is king.cazh's beat choice. With producers like kofibae, LORDFUBU, and kevinskatana, each track carries variations of a similar vibe, bringing the project together nicely. He compliments each instrumental with his melodic delivery and understated bars.

Definitely can't quite slap a genre on this one, because it's truly a mixture of many. One things for sure, king.cazh showcased his versatility with his sound and emotional depth throughout, and has definitely proved to be an artist to keep up with!

Our favorite tracks were "venice canals" (prod. kofiebae), "wendy wu" (prod. LORDFUBU) & "5 days in dallas" prod. kofiebae)

Stream the project below!

Social Media: @kingcazh06 king.cazh

Soundcloud: king.cazh

king.cazh - $outhside Love Letter <3


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