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willsteezalot - respect yourself

willsteezalot - respect yourself (Prod. Dre Rodner & MadBliss)

Returning to our pages with a new music video for his new track "respect yourself", PA artist willsteezealot has been putting on for the Lehigh Valley for quite sometime now; establishing his thrown as one of the artists in the area who stays consistent with quality work. In the song "respect yourself", willsteezealot lays down a swift verse only running for about a minute and thirty seconds, showing us that simplicity can always get the job done when executed correctly. Filled with confidence, willsteezealot speaks about self worth detailing situations we he has to come first in order to get to where he is going; which all of us can relate to in some form. Produced by @MadBliss & @DRERODNER the lo fi hiphop beat gives off a nostalgic feeling which captures your emotions, giving you no choice but to listen and feel what he has to express. This track is definitely one to sit back and just vibe out to.

Check it out below!

Producers: @MadBliss & @DRERODNER

Directed: Willfred François

Filmed: Derrick Branch, @_tbrod , Willfred François

Edited: Willfred François

Soundcloud: willsteezalot

willsteezalot - respect yourself


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