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Arte Magnus - Hattori Hanzo (Music Video)

Arte Magnus' cinematic visual for "Hattori Hanzo"

We recently came across Arte Magnus' music video for "Hattori Hanzo" and were impressed to say the least. Arte has achieved the ultimate trifecta with this one, bringing quality production, hard hitting bars and a clean visual to the table.

"Hattori Hanzo" has an obvious Asian influence, apparent from the title, the violin sample in the instrumental, and the flaunted katana & bandanna throughout the actual visual.

The track on its own is a great listen, Arte's rapid and introspective flow compliment the beautifully constructed beat (by stanthebeatsmith) flawlessly. On top of that, the video's simple yet bright & dynamic scenes (directed by Huss D'Griot) are eye catching without being too much.

Overall we're excited about coming across Arte and look forward to what he has in store!

Check out the video below!

Social Media: @artemagnus95 am95music

SoundCloud: Arte Magnus

Arte Magnus - Hattori Hanzo (Music Video)


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