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WADD$ - IDK ft. dieplug (prod. Boka)

Underground artist WADD$ releases a worry free single titled "IDK"

Underground artist WADD$ debuts on our pages with his new track "IDK" featuring dieplug. Only released 2 days ago, "IDK" is already approaching 2000 plays, signaling that the track is gradually gaining awareness. Catchy and carefree sounding, the instrumental has an uplifting guitar rift combined with modern drums; making it an easy track to nod to. In the track, WADD$ and dieplug talk about fake friends and fake lifestyles that people claim to live; letting it be known that they know what's up. If you're feeling this song, be sure to take a listen to his other music.

Check it out below!

Social Media: yungwadds

Soundcloud: yungwadds

WADD$ - IDK ft. dieplug (prod. Boka)


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