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MEET THE LEGEND: Nicole Sincavage

Nicole Sincavage shares her minimalist take on photography

Lehigh Valley photographer Nicole Sincavage, or Nikki Sink, caught our eye with her effortless portraits and absorbing landscapes. Utilizing as little editing as possible, Nikki captures vibrant, yet subtle moments, using natural light to her advantage and staying true to life with her pictures.

Starting photography in early High School, Nikki has been honing her craft for a bit now, and it truly shows. "I used my phone before my mom bought me a Nikon d3300 for Christmas my junior year (of high school)."

As far as inspirations go, Nikki revealed, "My mom was always a huge inspiration for me. Although she isn’t into photography anymore, she went to college for photography, so I get one of my eyes from her." She went on to say, "My dad is an artist as well, who has done work for many businesses around the valley, so I get my other eye from him."

Aside from her parents, Nikki explained, "My inspiration is a guy named Lewis Baltz. His work is simplistic, a sincere form a minimalism which I use as an anchor in my street photography, my favorite type of photography."

"I work with portraits mostly, though. I’m working on taking photos without requiring a subject right now, capturing the environment and surroundings in its simplest form. I do this work with a Nikon d7500 now, I’ve upgraded in the past years."

We love Nikki's work, and look forward to what she has in store for 2019!


Check out more of her work and follow below!

Instagram: nikksink

Twitter: @n_sinky

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