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Zero 610 - Exception [EP]

PA artist Zero 610 releases an explosive EP titled Exception.

Bethlehem's own Zero610 has returned to our pages with his recent EP Exception. It's clear that since Zero's first debut on our page, he's been putting in work and growing with his sound to give us a better him. Extremely versatile, able to go from a classic boom bap era style to a melodic trap or lofi vibe; Zero is here to expand the rap game. His new EP Exception is filled with high energy bars and an impressive beat collection that he solely produced, creating an authentic execution. From his first track "Let It Rock" with hype vibes to "Alone", a track with an old school atmosphere; Exception definitely has the potential to go down as one of his classics.

"I tend to try and experiment and try new things often, but nonetheless I bring the bars. I've been staying consistent and dropping music and videos over the span of a few years, and I plan on expanding more in the future!"

Here's the link to his most recent track "Put Me On".

Check out the video below!

Social Media: 610zero

Soundcloud: zero610

Zero 610 - EXCEPTION [Music Video]


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