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NYCE - "1 Day" feat. Nailah

Lehigh Valley artists NYVE & Nailah collaborate on sweet single "1 Day"

Lehigh Valley artist/ producer NYCE & local siren Nailah recently collaborated on suave single “1 Day”. Seemingly intended for Valentine’s Day, it’s certainly not limited to any one season.

The song begins with a gentle guitar riff that sets the tone & continues throughout. Leading into the drop, the track transitions to a clear R&B sound, as Nyce delivers the first verse. Nailah eventually comes on, floating over the instrumental in her usual elegant manner, taking “1 Day” to the next level.

Their sounds truly compliment each other and make for a great listen. If you enjoy this track be sure to check out their other work!​

Check out the track here!

Twitter: @OtherHalfOfLORD otherhalfoflord

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Soundcloud: NYCE

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