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Blake Anothny - Black Coffee (Official Music Video)

Blake Anthony with reflective visual for single "Black Coffee"

Hip-Hop artist Blake Anthony recently released a nostalgic visual for newest single “Black Coffee”. With production from East coast Dreamville affiliate DJ Grumble, “Black Coffee” is a soulful walk down memory lane as B.A reflects on a life of low income and high expectations.

The story begins with B.A. getting up after a night of sleeping outside, and being offered a joint; he then collects the change in his hat, gets dressed and takes a stroll through the city.

The video & song together are a representation of B.A’s mental state on any given day: From rough, broke and in need of stimulation, to remembering the sound of the train in Top City at night. With lines such as “might have a blanket on a bench before this s*** is over”, Blake reflects on possible financial struggles, and a scene on the Hays St. bridge reminiscent of the passing train in Topeka.

“The piece was shot & directed by “Night Runner Studios” with co-directing from “DamnGood Media” in San Antonio, Texas, where I lived before moving to Tacoma. The idea for the video was conceived by Dont3! of DamnGoodMedia, where as the idea for the song was originally to cover a Panacea track, named “Black Coffee” off their album “12 Step Program”; one of my favorite albums back when I lived in San Antonio. Shout out to Raw Poetic & K-Murdoch!” - B.A

Mixed & mastered by: @SendaiMike

written by: Donté Griffin & Blake Anthony

Check out the video below!

Blake Anothny - Black Coffee (Official Music Video)


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