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Visual artist Amina Ali blends styles within her experimental work

Amina Ali shares her art and a little about her journey as an artist

We recently came across visual artist Amina Ali and were enchanted by her boundless impressions. Amina’s striking realism combined with her surreal use of color, invoke a more dynamic and prominent emotional response. Incorporating a variety of art movements into her work, Amina Ali has and continues to develop her own methods.

Like many great artists, Amina discovered her gift at a young age, “I’ve been drawing since I was able to write, honestly it was always a coping mechanism for me. I used it to escape my problems and express the thoughts I couldn’t verbalize.”


Surprisingly enough, this vibrant artist wasn’t always a big user of color, “I used to hate coloring with color pencils, crayons, and paint because I didn’t know how to use it and was scared of adding any color to my drawings throughout middle school.”


But again, like many great great artists, she took it upon herself to expand her talents, “Sometime between my junior and Senior year in high school I joined my school’s art class and did my YouTube research on how to paint. I used to only paint with watercolor, but eventually evolved to acrylic. I dabbled in oil paints and markers, and other various forms of coloring.”

Now her main mediums of choice are, “acrylic paint and Copic markers" and if she had to describe her style now, "it would be a mixture of abstract , realism , and emotionalism."


“One of my biggest inspirations is domoxtiger on Instagram. His raw individual style and self expression inspires me to keep pushing and to be myself no matter what.”

We thoroughly enjoy Amina's creations and highly encourage supporting & checking out more of her pieces on her social media.

Check out more of their art and follow below!

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