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Rewind - Thru the Mail (Prod. Nitro)

Upcoming artist Rewind releases melodic banger titled "Thru the Mail" produced by Nitro.

We recently came across Rewind's track "Thru the Mail" on Nitro's SoundCloud page and were instantly mesmerized by it's nostalgic sound. The beat is fairly simple, but that doesn't take away from it's unique approach with it's rewinding sentimental sounds and heavy bass. Rewind adds to the track by providing sincere yet fun and catchy lyrics, solidifying the overall vibes of the song; rapping "I'mma go hard for my bros in jail; R.I.P brodie know he ain't in hell". You can be sure that these two creatives will be back on our pages.

Check it out below!

Social Media: Rewind Nitro

Soundcloud: Rewind & Nitro

Rewind - Thru the Mail (Prod. Nitro)


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