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basedtj & paycheck - LIFE WE LIVE (project)

Artists basedtj & paycheck release highly anticipated project LIFE WE LIVE

Musical dynamic duo basedtj & paycheck recently released highly anticipated project LIFE WE LIVE, and it definitely lives up to the hype. We've been listeners of their music for some time now, and were eager to hear this new collaboration.

LIFE WE LIVE showcases the best of both creatives abilities within the span of 10 tracks. Producer and artist basedtj brings his signature sedated sound, using a variety of synth-y instruments to yield an ethereal 'walking through heaven' feel with each beat. Not only did he produce most of the project (excluding one track produced by iankon & blade), but provides some laid back flows on most every track as well. Paycheck adds his usual memorable melodic deliveries, creating a whole new dynamic and completing LIFE WE LIVE's sound.

This project is the culmination of each creative's dedication to constant development, and it shows in every aspect. If you enjoy this project, you'll definitely want to check out the rest of their catalog.

Our favorite tracks are "Truss U, Pt 2", "Slide" & "Skylark's Interlude"

Stream the project below!

Social Media: @bbasedtj bbasedtj

Soundcloud: @bbasedtj

basedtj & paycheck - LIFE WE LIVE (project)


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