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b1ackboy - lost in woodyland. (EP)

Rising producer b1ackboy takes us on a trip with recent project lost in woodyland. (EP)

We recently came across rising producer b1ackboy & latest release lost in woodyland. A project that takes you on a whimsical journey through "woodyland" (a world created by b1ackboy, as an ode to backwoods).

Like any good story arc, lost in woodyland. peaks your interest from the rip, introducing the tape with a more playful tone on tracks "[woodyland.]" & "[smoking in public.]"; a theme is established and drama set in motion using the medium of sound. Gradually growing into the climax on "[back in woodyland.]" and coming to a head on "[stuck in woodyland.]", b1lackboy amps up the intensity, incorporating minor keys, eerie sounds, and a darker percussion, giving the impression of some sort of conflict. Last track "[sinfonietta.]" concludes the project impeccably, bringing us to the resolution with a once again light hearted ambiance, and giving us some closure.

The quality is what made lost in woodyland. stick out to us. With it's crystal clarity and masterful construction, each track is a banger, flowing beautifully together, yet each holding their own value individually.

Our favorite tracks were "[woodyland.]" & "[back in woodyland.]"

Stream the project below!

Soundcloud: b1ackboy

b1ackboy - lost in woodyland. (EP)


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