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Leo IV - Bandboy$ (Official Music Video)

Upcoming artist Leo IV releases visual for his new single "Bandboy$"

Recently released, Leo IV's new visual for "BandBoy$" is doing well; already raking in 10k views within the first two weeks! In the track, Leo delivers sincere lyrics, ultimately expressing how much is his vision means to him. With production by xtravulous, the beat has a reminiscing yet turn up vibe with it's nostalgic sounds and solid drums; complimenting the songs content. The visual, directed by NDotTelevision, does a great job capturing the idea of the song; showing the contrast between the everyday job life and the big dream in a creative way. Being a consistent artist, Leo IV is definitely an artist to keep up with.

Check out the track below!

Social Media: leoiiivvv

Soundcloud: leo iv

Leo IV - Bandboy$ (Official Music Video)


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