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Bobby Basil - Makeup (Prod. Shortcut)

Ireland native Bobby Basil releases a captivating visual for his new single "Makeup".

Upcoming artist Bobby Basil has displayed an awesome creative ability with his clever video for "Makeup". In the visual, we see Bobby sitting in front of a mirror doing his makeup routine - while singing along with his lyrics which express his opinion on his girlfriend not having to put makeup on to look beautiful. Produced by Shortcut, the inviting guitar strum gives a sweet aesthetic to the video along with the atmospheric pads to invoke a sentimental feeling. Stumbling across original content that challenge the creative norms is always nice surprise.

Check out the track below!

Video Background: The makeup world peaked Bobby's interest and so, Bobby wanted to have a play around. After a few practices, he has his look down. The makeup station was custom built to create an illusion, which meant Bobby had no mirror to help him complete his look.

Social Media

Bobby Basil: @bobbybasilx_

Shortcut: prodbyshortcut

Mix & Master: myfaultofficial

Featuring Angela Mulhern

Cinematography by Tom Simington

Production Design by Muireann Howley

Creative Direction by Seán Maher & Angela Mulhern

Title Design by Pierce Cunnane

Bobby Basil - Makeup


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