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DZAFloyd - Road to Wonderland (Album)

DZAFloyd is back on our pages with full length album "Road to Wonderland"

DZAFloyd is back on our pages with a full length album Road to Wonderland. Boasting 15 futuristic grooves with a variety of producers & a feature from INDICA, DZAFloyd really found and stuck to a specific sound on this project.

The tracks give off a whimsical club feel, each featuring hard hitting bass & crisp percussion, while maintaining their own sound. Floyd glides over the beats using his trademark melodies and fluid flows. Road to Wonderland is high energy all the way through, starting off with banger "Iceburg" (prod. clibbbo) and finishing strong with "Keep Em Round" (prod.ginseng).

Road to Wonderland is a great collection for Floyd's musical catalog, and we think that you'll agree!

Check out the project below!

Social Media: @dzaFloyd dzafloyd

Soundcloud: Floyd | @dzafloyd

DZAFloyd - Road to Wonderland (Album)


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