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Suirad Franklin - This song is about you++ (prod. DaanBeats)

Artist & creative Suirad Franklin is back with "This song is about you++" (prod. DaanBeats)

Upcoming artist Suirad Franklin returns to our pages with yet another hit single titled "This song is about you++". The captivating instrumental (provided by DaanBeats) along with Suirad's effortless vocals blend beautifully to create a vibe perfect for the clubs. The song begins with a layered loop of soft horns that ease into twinkling bells and light percussion. Suirad comes on with the hook using a simple melody that varies slightly throughout the rest of the track. If you haven't checked out any of Suirad or DaanBeat's work you're in for a treat, and after giving "This song is about you++" a listen, you definitely will.

Check out the track below!

SoundCloud: suiradfranklin

Mixed & Mastered by: tl.june

Suirad Franklin - This song is about you++ (prod. DaanBeats)


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