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Apollo Stripes - Launch Protocol (EP)

Apollo Stripes drops ambient EP Launch Protocol

We've recently come across artist/ producer Apollo Stripes & latest EP Launch Protocol. With production by himself and fellow artist/ producer Bludwork, Launch Protocol will definitely have you pressing replay. Setting the tone off the rip with "No Defeat!" (prod. bludwork) Launch Protocol quickly picks up on second track "Amrak" (karma backwards). For a song under two minutes, it has quite a suspenseful intro that builds into one of the most intriguing hooks we've heard all year. The production (by Apollo himself) brings a mesmerizing feel, that blends beautifully with the vocals (needless to say it's become a new favorite).

Third track "Jet Pack" has a sweet air to it, and is an overall easy listen. Next tree tracks "Black Spacesuit", "Siren" and "Illusions" each bring their own vibe to the project while sticking to an ethereal/ spacey sound.

Apollo smoothly blends a variety of genres, feelings & emotions, creating a sound of his own. The use of his own voice as an instrument, along with the quality production, and overall concept made Launch Protocol really stand out to us & we look forward to what this young artist has planned for the coming new year.

Our favorite tracks were "Amrak" & "Jet Pack"

Check out the project below!

Soundcloud: Apollo Stripes

Apollo Stripes - Launch Protocol (EP)


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