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Indica brings talented creative together on most recent EP RAGERS

We first discovered Indica some months back, and were hooked after hearing singles "Umm Umm" and "MOOD RING". He's really honed in on his own sound and latest project RANGERS only goes to show his continual development as an artist.

Boasting seven entrancing tracks with features from artists dzaFloyd, croosh and LocateEmilio, Indica did his thing bringing talented creatives together to execute RANGERS. The beat selection is phenomenal, including content from producers vague001, DILIPP, cxxnstant and croosh, and transition from track to track is extremely fluid. Heavy, bouncy bass lines, ethereal synths & sounds and choppy percussion are sprinkled throughout each instrumental, tying the project together.

RANGERS clean quality and melodic variations make it an easy listen and perfect for the clubs. All creatives involved brought their a game and it really shows.

Our favorite tracks were "LOKO" (feat. DZAFloyd) & "BLDSHOT" (feat. DZAFloyd)

Check out the project below!

Social Media: @TheINDICA theindica

Soundcloud: INDICA



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