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CashBently - BashBent

VA artist CashBently is here with his new track "BashBent" produced by Ninethluke.

We recently stumbled across CashBently while searching through the underground music scene on SoundCloud. His new track "BashBent" only being 7 days old, is the track that caught our attention. Short and sweet this track is bound to have you play it back. Produced by NinethLuke, the production uses spacey sounds with a heavy bass to create a dark atmosphere. Perfect for CashBently to express his mood. Delivering melodic flows at first then transitioning into quick witted lyrics about his mindset; CashBently is definitely solidifying his sound.

Check out the track below!

Twitter: @cashbently1

Soundcloud: cashbently

CashBently - BashBent (Produced By. Ninethluke)


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