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New Jersey native Snow dedicates her life to change the world for the better.

AMW (Ambitious Motivated Women), a brand for empowering women of all backgrounds.

Originally from New Jersey but currently residing in Allentown, Pennsylvania; creative entrepreneur Snow is bettering the world with her brand Ambitious Motivated Women. From positive phrases on clothing, to charitable work where her foundation goes and feed the homeless and do give backs to the communities in the local area. All while having kids tag along with them for a constructive influence. Running her business over the course of 3 years, she's managed get a few celebrities in her gear such as Iman and Teyana Shumpert, Lil Mo and Paris from Love and Hip-Hop , Lance Stephenson, Jim Jones, Dj Drewski, and many more. Be sure to check her out!

"I just wanna be the person to motivate everyone around me to be better than yesterday." - Snow

Instagram: @snowdaddy___


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