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Derick Knox - Twilight (Prod. Secret Stash)

PA artist Derick Knox has returned with his new track "Twilight" full of positive vibes.

With no music releases in the past 12 months, Derick Knox is finally back after simply falling in love with the craft again. From Upper Darby, PA, this artist continues to brand his art with authenticity and realness. His new single "Twilight" illustrates how music is an escape from society, from judgement, and from the pressures of everyday life; which everyone can relate to. Combining his diverse flows and spiritually uplifting lyrics the track is bound to put you in a positive mood; doing what it was intended to do.

Check out the track below!

Instagram: @derickknoxrap

Soundcloud: derickknoxrap

Derick Knox - Twilight (Prod. Secret Stash)


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