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Lo Village - The Death of Lo Village (TDOLV)

Music trio Lo Village with visual for hit single "The Death of Lo Village"

We were thrilled after coming across music group Lo Village and their curious visual for recent single "The Death of Lo Village (TDOLV)". Consisting of members aisforama, kane_lovillage, and lartymcfly, Lo Village has e a real Fugees vibe going with their lyrical approach and more mellow energy.

"TDOLV" comes on with a pluck-y, suspenseful loop that leads straight into the drop & hook. Ama delivers the infectious hook with her nonchalant cadence, setting a smooth tone for the rest of the track. Kane follows, painting a picture of a choosy woman who evidently got him caught up at one point and Lartymcfly continues with the same concept from a more distant and knowing perspective. Ama finishes the track switching up the flow with a couple lines that wrap up "TDOLV" beautifully.

The visual (shot by jackrottier) captures "TDOLV"'s atmosphere using an abandoned setting and eerie face paint to give off a real mysterious feel. The use vibrant colors and bright lighting make for an interesting contrast as well.

We absolutely love the group's dynamics and look forward to keeping up with their upcoming projects. If you dig this track the rest of their catalog is definitely worth checking out too!

Shot by: jackrottier

Check out the track below!

Soundcloud: Lo Village

Lo Village - The Death of Lo Village (TDOLV)


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