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Multimedia artists LavvaGirl and KilConfirmed (of EARF) drop eclectic EP ALHAMBRA

LavvaGirl & KilConfirmed make up the multimedia duo that is EARF. They recently released an eclectic, self produced EP titled ALHAMBRA that stuck out to us, with it's esoteric undertones and eccentric sound.

ALHAMBRA kicks off with "I AM LOVE.", a bouncy, Afro inspired joint, showcasing both artists vocal talents and setting the EP's tone. Flowing right into "AMETHYST.", an upbeat track that introduces a new sound and gives a taste of the young artists rapping abilities. "PLANETWAV." is next, bringing the energy to a new level using an airy organ sounding loop that leads into a booming bass line and delicately layered high hats & claps. KilConfirmed and LavvaGirl maintain the momentum with their delivery on the hook & verses. "PROPH3SEAS." slows things down, using a gentle instrumental and beautiful feature from the lovely Liv Means. "BLUE LOTUS LOVE." & "RISING" conclude ALHAMRA, ending things on a smooth note.

The project boasts a wide array of sounds, drawing inspiration from many genres and cultures, making it relatable to a larger audience. LavvaGirl and KilConfirmed definitely did their thing, creating a distinct sound and spreading an uplifting message/ vibes along the way. We look forward to keeping up with their creative journeys!

Our favorite track was "PLANETWAV.", check out the project below!

Soundcloud: LavvaGirl

LavvaGirl - ALHAMBRA (EP)


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