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RexNendo - 100514 (EP)

RexNendo is back with angsty EP 100514 (prod. Supah Mario)

RexNendo is back on our pages with 2 track 'emo trap' EP 100514. The young artist has been building a reputation of dropping quality music for a while now, and 100514 did not disappoint. Though the project is short, coming in at just under 5 minutes, you'll happily put it on repeat.

Both of the project's beats are produced by Supah Mario, who brought a clean & distinct sound. "Chest Out" starts the EP off with a suspenseful music box loop that leads into a hard drop as RexNendo delivers the melodic hook and verses. "Basic" ends the EP with a more dark, almost seductive vibe using reversed synths, and a mesmerizing rhythm, with classic RexNendo bars and a silky flow.

RexNendo continues to show us that he's not going anywhere anytime soon, and we look forward to what he has planned for the future!

Check out the project below!

Twitter: @Rexnendo

Soundcloud: RexNendo

RexNendo - 100514 (EP)


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