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Saturn, Alexander - LVLUP (ft. Lavva Girl)

Rising artist Saturn, Alexander comes together with Lavva Girl on "LVLUP"

Saturn Alexander and Lavva Girl are back at it with high energy single "LVLUP" (prod. b the architect), and it's a banger. The joint comes on with a music box-sounding loop, that crescendos into Saturn's first verse and some crisp percussion. The beat eventually drops as the hook begins, emphasizing the whole feeling of 'leveling up', and raising the energy even more. Lavva girl brings her own vibe to the project with smooth bars and a melodic flow.

It's clear both ladies know what's up, sprinkling spiritual references throughout their bars, and speaking on an inner growth more so than anything. Overall, "LVLUP" is uplifting & easy to listen/turn up to, while being conscious at the same time. A mix you don't come across too often!

Check out the track below!

Soundcloud: Saturn, Alexander

Saturn, Alexander - LVLUP (ft. Lavva)


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