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23 year old visual artist Megan's emotionally enchanted style

Visual artist Megan communicates on the canvas what she can't speak with words

23 year old visual artist, real estate agent, and soon to be physical therapist Megan is ambitious to say the least. We stumbled across her art and were intrigued by her emotionally enchanted style. Her use of vibrant colors and surreal imagery makes for some eye catching, complex pieces. We were fortunate enough to get a more in depth understanding of her and her story.

Mist Over Time

Megan discovered her passion for creating at an early age, “I started drawing when I was about 10 or 11 and knew there was nothing else I would enjoy doing more. Age 12-13 is when I really started drawing a lot. Art became an escape for me instantly.” Megan explained, “The hardest parts of my life growing up, I would have never gotten through if it wasn't for art.”

Nigel Thornberry; SMASHING

Although people have tried to discourage her artistic career, Megan didn’t let it affect her actions, “I don't do it for the money or for it to be a job, it is my escape. It is my passion. It is my form of expression. It is what I cannot find words to say, painted onto a canvas, or drawn onto a paper. I get pure bliss from being able to bring my ideas to life and to express myself in the best way I know I c


Take Another Dose

Megan’s boyfriend has been a huge supporter along the way as well, encouraging her to, "draw exactly what you feel. Don't think about what to draw or how it will come out, just draw without thought. It's what you love to do, it's an outlet to release your stress." So she did just that. “I developed my style over the last year by drawing my exact emotions, anxiety, depression, anything I am going through, I can illustrate it on a canvas or a paper better than I can speak about it to anyone.”

“My other huge inspirations are the art group chats I am in. They are filled with lovely people who do nothing but lift you up and encourage you and your art. Their artwork is also admirable and inspiring. If ever I come across a rough patch with my art I just scroll through those chats and feel at my 100% again.”

Voices of Reason

“If I could use one word to describe my style, I guess I would say weird. A lot of people don't understand it, and I get a lot of funny looks or questions because of that. It's not meant for everyone to understand, and whoever does understand it I want them to understand it how they see it and how it makes them feel.” She went on to say, “There is so much depth behind all my pieces and each one is so many emotions painted on to one canvas.”

Her medium choices ranges from, “acrylic paint, Copic markers, and micron markers. I actually used to despise painting and prefer drawing, and now my room is filled with canvases, I have a blank canvas in almost all of my bags.”

Lost in Psilocybin Clouds


Megan also wanted to add some words of wisdom, “Never limit yourself, never tell yourself you can't because you absolutely can, and never let anybody stop you from expressing yourself and doing what you love." And we couldn't agree more!

Check out more of their art and follow below!

Twitter: @meyylmao

Instagram: meyylmao


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