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Mark Steele - It’s Been a Minute (Album)

North Carolina emcee Mark Steele is back with his third solo album, It's Been A Minute.

Emcee Mark Steele has experienced just about all of life's ebbs and flows along the road to success in the rap game. A few years removed from the momentum of his Sports Center theme song "Greatness," the rapper has managed to not only stay afloat, but also make some big strides. Today, the rapper releases one of his sharpest and most focused projects to date, It's Been A Minute. With guest appearances from No Malice of Clipse and G. Yamazawa, and production by Khrysis, the album contains Steele's personal tales of homelessness and coming-of-age in his hometown of Durham, North Carolina.

Check out the project below!

Soundcloud: whoismarksteele

Purchase/Stream It's Been A Minute:

Mark Steele - It’s Been a Minute (Album)


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