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rockit - #TECH (EP)

Rockit is back with dreamy EP #TECH

Rockit is back on our pages with his most recent EP #TECH. Boasting four solid tracks with production by ihmiri & Spyro, the project is heat the whole way through. #TECH starts strong with a care free, high energy instrumental (provided by ihmiri) & a complimentary flow (by rockit) on "Deadshot! #tech". The momentum continues into the next two tracks "Ed freestyle #TECH1" & "#TECH2" (both produced by Spyro), and ends with a smooth vibe (provided by ihmiri) on "OVERNIGHT", as rockit talks about whats come with his sudden success. Overall, #TECH makes it clear rockit will only continue to perfect his sound, and that he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Check out the project below!

Social Media: @ROCKIT_

Soundcloud: rockit

rockit - #TECH (EP)


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