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ii ALIEN - VHS (Album)

Artist ii ALIEN drops eclectic album VHS

Coming across new music you can really vibe with is an experience I live for, so you can only imagine how excited I was to stumble across ii ALIEN's most recent album VHS. With 11 diverse tracks, ALIEN demonstrates his musical ability through his lyrical bars and smooth hooks, over a great selection of beats by producers such as dontcry, Sgmlbwoy, Lucid Soundz, Vinylz, Kevin Katana, donnie katana, and soorma. 'VHS' comes on with the familiar sound of a VHS tape being loaded, and does this in the beginning of each number, providing a nostalgic vibe off the rip. Starting strong with the first track "Moon" (prod. dontcry), the album keeps your attention with quality songs throughout and ends with a wavy joint "Pardon" ft. spacehoneythelovechild (prod. donnie katana). Overall, this album is one of my favorite projects I've come by recently, and if you dig this one the rest of his work is definitely worth a listen.

Check out the project below!

Social Media: theiialien @theiialien

Soundcloud: ii ALIEN

ii ALIEN - VHS (Album)


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