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aftrthght - mango<3 (prod. DYL aka hisohkah) & destinations (prod. medda)

Upcoming artist aftrthght drops dreamy 'mango<3' (prod. DYL aka hisohkah) & 'destinations' (prod. medda)

aftrthght has perfected the nostalgic, lullaby-esque vibe that many attempt but don't quite reach. Two singles that exemplify this are 'mango<3' (prod. DYL aka hisohkah) & 'destinations' (prod. medda), both have a dreamy quality provided by the instrumentals & aftrthght's smooth vocals. It seems he's only recently started releasing music and we're excited to see what else he has in store!

Check out the tracks below!

Twitter: @aftrthxght

Soundcloud: aftrthght

aftrthght - mango<3 (prod. DYL aka hisohkah)

aftrthght - destinations (prod. medda)


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