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Multifaceted artist Francis Ochoa's renaissance inspired impressions

Creative Francis Ochoa shares his art, and with it, his life

23 year old artist and writer Francis Ochoa (from California currently residing in Dallas, TX) shared with us his beautiful gift and a little insight on his inspirations and life in general.

'I Will Find You Darling and I Will Bring You Home'

Acrylic on Bristol Paper (2017)

Like many artists, Francis can't remember a time when art wasn't relevant in some way, “Art has always been a part of my life, being born to two artists who always dabbled in various forms of media, I was exposed to everything." he went on to explain, "However, while I was surrounded by all of it, it had always been an on and off type of thing in my life. It was something I picked up whenever I got inspired and dropped whenever I wasn't. Nevertheless, its always been there for me.”